Kids’ Choice Board

Where Kids Make Choices and Create Opportunities

Many children grow up unable to make appropriate decisions because they have had little experience in doing so. Teaching decision – making greatly benefits them in life. The value of making conscious mindful decisions and choices is key to living a happy and full life. Research indicates that giving children choices teaches them how to make decisions, builds their self esteem, develops problem solving skills, promotes independence, and makes them feel more powerful and in control of their lives. Giving children choices also teaches them to take ownership of their personal choices, the value of sacrificing one thing for another, and makes them feel that their point of view is valued.

Here is our unique programming system where kids make choices daily:
  • Snack Attack

  • Outdoor Adventures

  • Homework Center

  • Fungineering

  • Sports Zone

  • Imagination Station

  • Game Encounters

  • Relaxation Station

  • Drama House

  • Dance Camp

  • Music Club

  • Genius Hour

  • Advanced Art

  • Science Camp

In the summer we have added:

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Tinker Town

  • Gardening

  • STEM Escape Room