Shop with a Cop

As part of The Adventure Club's Kids Helping Kids initiative (which aligns with our core competency of Community Outreach & Social Learning, the kids raised money for Schererville's Shop with a Cop program.

11th -Tri Creek - $3.00
10th -Peifer - 11.63
9th- Eads - $15.69
8th -Protsman - $16.67
7th- SJB - $16.76
6th- Elliott -$34.04
5th- Homan -$51.35
4th- Kolling - $58.65
3rd- Watson -$105.36
2nd- FHH - $119.48
1st- Bibich - $524.00

Congratulations to Bibich - Wonderful job!! Kids at Bibich enjoyed a pizza party to celebrate their victory!


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